Pre-Owned Office Furniture: The Benefits for a Start-Up

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Pre-Owned Office Furniture: The Benefits for a Start-Up

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In the beginning phases of your start-up, furnishing an office space is only one of the many significant tasks that need to be completed. Deciding between new and used furniture is often one of the prominent questions we get asked, which is why we’re here to help!

Let’s face it, every business is looking for ways to reduce expenses. One of the simplest ways to save money (especially for a start-up business) is to buy pre-owned office furniture. Furniture has a long lifecycle. When you shop carefully, it’s possible to purchase pre-owned office furniture that not only looks good but will also reflect your company brand.

Some of the benefits of purchasing pre-owned or refurbished office furniture include:

1. Affordability

If you shop around for the best prices and bargains, you can save more than 50 percent over the cost of buying new office furniture. Most used office furniture pieces have only been used for a few years (or less) and have minimal wear and tear.

Once the bubble wrap is taken off and the price tag is removed, most people can’t tell the difference between a new desk and a used desk.

2. Save Time with Quick Delivery

If you’ve ever ordered new office furniture, you know that sometimes it can take up to six to twelve weeks to be delivered. Compare that to most used office furniture outlets that can have a truck at your front door in 48 hours or less.

3. Eco-Friendly Alternative

When a used wooden office desk is sent to the landfill, it takes years to break down. By buying used office furniture, you will get a much better deal and help save the planet at the same time.

4. Bigger Bang for Your Buck

When you buy new office furniture, the resale value can depreciate to 25 percent or less of the original purchase price over five years. But when you buy used office furniture, the resale value can remain as high as 75 percent of what you paid for it.

Ready to get started?

Working with a reputable used furniture dealer brings a lot of advantages – they will help you find matching products to build a cohesive brand identity, maximize savings, and deliver your workspace within a quick timeframe. Used Office Furniture Seattle is not only a premiere furniture dealer, but a trusted partner that can provide you with a multitude of other services as your start-up continues to grow and evolve.

Contact us today to discuss ways of working together – we’d love to help you!

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