How to Create a Healthier Workplace

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How to Create a Healthier Workplace

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Arguably one of the most important elements in motivating and engaging employees is having a healthy work environment. The question is, how do you create that space? We believe incorporating ergonomic products and designs that encourage movement throughout the workday will provide employees the health benefits they need to be happy and productive.

Choose Ergonomic Products

With 84% of employees experiencing issues with physical, psychological, or behavioral symptoms of poor health (with work as a contributing factor), so it’s necessary to provide support within the workplace. To resolve these issues, ergonomic accessories and products should be added to individual workstations.

It’s important to keep in mind that ergonomic products should be:

  • Ergonomic: Products should be selected with posture in mind, keeping employees sitting and standing-up straight throughout the day.
  • Dynamic: Employees aren’t static, so the workplace should reflect that. Purposeful design choices will keep employees moving and engaged.
  • Focused: When the body moves it also engages the mind. By continuously moving throughout the day, employees can keep laser-like focus.
  • In motion: Sitting for over eight hours is no longer tolerated or accepted by employees. Products should be selected to get the body in motion and – even more importantly – stay in motion.
  • Healthy: Make healthy happen by choosing products that encourage a healthier employee. The more employees move, the better they’ll feel.

Our favorite, ergonomic products include:

Integrate Healthy Workplace Design

In addition to ergonomic products, there are other design elements that can create a dynamic workplace to get employees moving:

  • Well-placed hydration stations: Give employees small, 8-ounce cups to encourage them to go back for frequent refills
  • Standing-height meetings: Convert all conference tables to sit-to-stand which encourages more standing, and makes meetings faster and more productive
  • Encourage (and be more tolerant of) the “hallway meeting”: Allow employees to gather in common areas encourage “chance encounters,” where employees may speak with varying team members
  • Incorporate different table heights: Place tables of different sizes and heights in the lounge and kitchen areas to give employees a choice to sit or stand during their lunch or mid-day breaks
  • Design for a little discomfort: Studies show you are less productive when you’re too comfortable. It’s less about designing the perfect chair and more about allowing users to have control over their environment

When employees aren’t confined to traditional ways of working, they can create small changes that add up to make a big impact on their work and life. By building a movement-rich workplace, you can develop a dynamic environment where employees can continually be active, focused, and more productive.

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