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Storage and Asset Management

storageUsed Office Furniture Seattle is committed to managing office furniture and equipment assets in a cost effective, sustainable way. Our office furniture management approach reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which considers not only the initial asset acquisition cost but also maintenance, repair, storage (out-of-service) and warranty management.

We develop strategies to maximize re-use of existing office furniture and equipment assets and reduce unnecessary duplicate expenditures. By combining an effective asset management process with procurement and purchasing standards, our customers achieve significant “cost avoidance” savings and operational efficiencies throughout their facilities. We integrate office furniture fulfillment services and “on line order processing” systems to simplify the process of managing office furniture churn. This service can reduce or eliminate unnecessary storage costs and improve lead times for on-boarding or removing assets from the workspace.

Asset Management Solutions

We custom design furniture and equipment asset management solutions. using bar code labels and “on-line” technology to access furniture stored off site our clients have complete control over all furniture and equipment inventories.

Receive, Deliver and Install

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle we receive, deliver and install furniture, supplies and equipment. Our custom 42,000 square foot warehouse provides over 1,600 pallet positions in addition to vaulted storage and floor storage capability.

In-stocking and Fulfillment

Used Office Furniture supports clients by in-stocking furniture and equipment to support daily facility requirements. This unique service blends in-stock storage of furniture and equipment with delivery and installation services eliminating down time by delivering products and service within 24 hours.

Furniture & Equipment Management

To support the investment in office furniture and equipment we manage the lifecycle or total cost of ownership (TCO) of the asset. Furniture and equipment warranty management, out-of-use, repair and maintenance reporting are all critical to maximize asset in-use time and minimize or eliminate workforce down time.