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Project Implementation

projectIn this economy and fast changing environment our clients need flexible workspace solutions designed to evolve to maximize opportunities, trends, workflows, technologies and workforce productivity. Our Project Planning and Implementation process starts with space analysis and strategic planning by evaluating how your workspace must evolve to remain productive and profitable. Our “in-house” service teams not only deliver and install office furniture and equipment but they manage, maintain and extend the life of your assets to minimize the total cost of ownership.

By managing the process from start to finish we can improve communication, and reduce service challenges resulting from vendors not aligned with your priorities. Our focus is to deliver your workspace in less time and cost ready to evolve.

Analysis & Strategic Planning

It’s never too early to start the planning process. We help you evaluate your corporate facility planning goals by providing budgetary estimates for facility relocations, new and/or used office furniture, office reconfigurations and space decommissioning.

Space Planning and design

Because we understand the impact space planning has on facility management we consider “day 2” in every workspace we build. Our office space planning teams use office furniture products that minimize the “kit of parts” and are flexible to evolve as opportunities, trends and workflows change.

Project Management

In addition to space planning we offer project management services to deliver on the original design intent of the space. Our teams work together to make sure that the office furniture is specified, ordered, tracked and delivered as promised.

LEED & Sustainability

One of the largest potential impacts on the workspace could be LEED certification. Research shows that a healthy, sustainable workspace increases workforce productivity and lowers operating costs (down time, etc.). Our LEED APs work with clients to achieve not only the goals around their project certification but also bring cost effective solutions to meet the budget as well.