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Office Furniture Services

cableUsed Office Furniture Seattle is an innovator in sustainable, flexible, workplace environments. Our goal is to extend the life of your assets to deliver high-performing work environments and customized solutions.

We have a fierce commitment to sustainability that is integral to our business approach - optimizing resources, reducing waste and creating a productive workspace that minimizes environmental impact. Our services are at the core of what we do to make this possible.

Delivery and Installation

Our “in-house” crews are trained and certified on multiple furniture systems to deliver and install office furniture in less time and cost. Through our vast nationwide network (Commercial Relocation Network) we can deliver and install furniture throughout the country.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The key to managing the total cost of ownership is extending the life of each asset. Routine cleaning and maintenance of chairs and cubicle panels will extend the life by 25%.

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is at the heart of extending the life of your furniture assets. Our earth friendly protection solution shield fabrics from permanent staining from oil based and water based stains. In addition, we install anti-static and ultra-violet inhibitors to repel damaging airborne dust and fabric fading from sun and other UV light.


Typically, fabric and finishes wear out before the asset’s usable life is over. We re-upholster chairs, lounge seating and cubicle panels to refresh and extend the life of each asset.


The quickest way to save money on furniture projects is to refinish used file cabinets and pedestals. By blending refurbished filing with remanufactured or new workstations we can deliver the desired aesthetic at a lower cost.